Halt 6000

Product introduction

Size:                             33.0mm*25.0mm*111.5mm

Liquid:                          11ml

Puffs:                            Up to 6000

Coil Resistance:            Mesh 1.2Ω

Battery Capacity:           600mAh

Charging:                       DC 5V/0.4A  USB-C


The new Halt is slightly larger and heavier, but delivers a huge count of pufs ( up to 6000) with a smoother, more satisfying pull using a 600mAh USB-C rechargeable battery, 11mL of nicotine e-liquid in your choice of strength, and a draw activated 1.2Ω mesh coil that generates enhanced flavours.

A smart chipset auto-regulates power output for a consistent vaping experience, and over-inhale protections prevent coil burning and dry hits.

If you would like one of the simplest to use disposable vape devices on the market, then the Changhan is the perfect choice for you.

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